As the nature of the services, Some Likes/Views/Followers/Commnets can be removed or dropped,
On some services we offer refill period to guarantee that results will stick, If needed, you can use 'Refill Button' that can be found on your orders history or Simply, Ticket us your order ID with Refill Request.

What is Impressions / Reach ( Instagram )?

Reach - Number of unique accounts that have seen any of your posts
Impressions - Total number of times your post has been seen

What is Drip Feed?

Drip Feed là một dịch vụ mà chúng tôi đang cung cấp để bạn có thể tự động đặt cùng một đơn hàng nhiều lần. Ví dụ: giả sử bạn muốn nhận 1000 lượt thích trên Bài đăng trên Instagram của mình nhưng bạn muốn nhận được 100 lượt thích mỗi 30 phút, bạn sẽ đặt Liên kết: Số lượng liên kết bài đăng của bạn: 100 lượt chạy: 10 (như bạn muốn chạy đơn hàng này 10 lần, nếu bạn muốn nhận được 2000 lượt thích, bạn sẽ chạy nó 20 lần, v.v.) Khoảng thời gian: 30 (vì bạn muốn nhận được 100 lượt thích trên bài đăng của mình mỗi 30 phút, nếu bạn muốn mỗi giờ, bạn sẽ đặt 60 vì thời gian là tính bằng phút) PS: Không bao giờ đặt hàng số lượng nhiều hơn số lượng tối đa được ghi trên tên dịch vụ (Số lượng x Chạy), Ví dụ nếu tối đa của dịch vụ là 4000, bạn không đặt Số lượng: 500 và Chạy: 10, vì tổng số lượng sẽ là 500x10 = 5000 lớn hơn dịch vụ tối đa (4000).

Why Cancel/Refill Button not working for me?

Click on Refill/Cancel button, Trigger our system to check the possibility of refill or cancellation. Sometimes it's too late to stop order and sometimes an order might not need a refill.

How can I track \\\'YouTube Shares\\\' results?

- Go to YouTube Studio and click on Analytics

- Then, click on See More on the bottom of the Chart, then click on 'More'..

- Now you can click on Sharing Services

- Done!, you can now see detailed information about your Social Shares


Please note! Social Shares takes 3-5 days to be updated on your Analytics.

How to get youtube comment link?

Find the timestamp that is located next to your username above your comment (for example: \"3 days ago\") and hover over it then right click and \"Copy Link Address\". The link will be something like this: instead of just To be sure that you got the correct link, paste it in your browser's address bar and you will see that the comment is now the first one below the video and it says \"Highlighted comment\".

What is Partial Status?

Partial Status - Order completed partially and you have charged only on the part that delivered.
Partial can happen if server overloaded or from any other reason that order could not completed fully.

Which youtube view service can be used with monetizable video?

The one that has \"Monetized\" in its service' name.

Does drip feed work with mass order / or with API?

Drip Feed doesn't work with neither \"Mass Order\" or API.

What is \"Instagram impressions\"?

Impression means reach (also how many users have seen your post) it is mostly used with brands, they will ask you to show them statistic of the impressions your posts have.

What is \"Instagram mentions\", how do you use it?

Instagram Mention is when you mention someone on Instagram (example @abcde this means you have mentioned abcde under this post and abcde will receive a notification to check the post). Basically the Instagram Mentions [User Followers], you put the link of your post, and the username of the person that you want us to mention HIS FOLLOWERS!

What is \"Instagram Saves\", and what does it do?

Instagram Saves is when a user saves a post to his history on Instagram (by pressing the save button near the like button). A lot of saves for a post increase its impression.